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Calming Aid Chews



Vendor: Lithe&Limber

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Our specially formulated calming chews are made with only the best ingredients to ensure a high-effectiveness, non-drowsy formula. Suntheanine, Organic Hemp, Thiamine, Chamomile, L-Tryptophan & Valerian Root are perfectly combined to create a great tasting chew that will reduce stress, anxiety and aggression while promoting comfort and relaxation.

  • These Calming Aid Chews with Suntheanine, a pure form of  L-Theanine, help stimulate brain waves to promote relaxation.
  • Relief in stressful situations - Our natural ingredients work together to reduce symptoms of anxiety such as excessive barking, scratching, chewing, licking and salivating.
  • Calms Hyperactive Behavior - Chamomile, Organic Hemp and  L-Theanine help alleviate fidgeting, jumping, restlessness, running and erratic behavior, including during thunderstorms, grooming or traveling.
  • Great Taste - soft chews are naturally flavored with bacon and cheese making them a delicious treat for your pup.     
  • Made in USA, in GMP and FDA registered facility.


Suggested Use:

 Body Weight Amount Per Day
Up to 25 lbs 1 Soft Chew
26-75 lbs 2 Soft Chews
Over 75 lbs 3 Soft Chews

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