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Liver Support Supplement



Vendor: Lithe&Limber

SKU: LNL-1005

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This effective liver support blend is ideal for senior dogs and cats, those who need extra liver support and as a preventive liver booster for your special loved one. Our powerful blend promotes liver and brain health. Great for all breed sizes.

  • Our blend promotes optimal brain health and liver by supporting the normal cleansing of the liver and detoxification from impurities in your dog and cat.

  • Liver Health - Our formula is a recommended supplement for maintaining healthy liver function. It supports the liver metabolic activity and increases the Glutathione (GSH) level in the body, which protects the liver from damage and creates cell regeneration.

  • Easy to administer powder that can be given with food, quicker absorption, accurate dosage for pet of any size, easy to increase or decrease the dosage as needed

  • Highest Quality - Made in USA, in GMP and FDA registered facility. Safe for everyday use and for all life stages